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Noel Cookman is a Divorce-Lending Specialist who works at the intersection of divorce and mortgage finance. Having developed this specialty himself in 2002, Noel works with divorce attorneys and clients during the process of divorce.

Mortgage lenders typically tell potential borrowers who are going through a divorce to come back once they have their divorce decree. By getting involved as early as possible, Noel is able to advise and consult divorce attorneys and the clients on the effects of the divorce upon mortgage financing, and vice versa. By doing this, Noel is able to prepare a client’s file so that once the divorce decree is issued their file will immediately be submitted, helping the client begin the next chapter in their lives faster and with little complication. Noel regularly instructs family law attorneys with his accredited Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses.

Noel is married to his beautiful wife Gay, whom he married a year prior to graduating from Southeastern University in 1972. They have two sons, Zack and Andy. Andy works with Noel as a loan originator and customer liaison at MiMutual Mortgage. Noel enjoys singing and inspiring people from all walks of life!


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MiMutual Mortgage Presidents Club Honoree - 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017
Honored to be listed as a President's Club member since it began in 2017. Thank you to my loyal customers and referal partners. 




Reviewed for Noel Cookman on Feb-02-2021
For starters, NO questions I KNOW Noel was GOD sent! I had a very complicated & challenging divorce that lasted 2 years unnecessarily (Absolutely NO fault of Noel at ALL). I consulted with a # of legal experts, who didn't know how to help. In contacting Noel explaining my situation, the 1st thing out of his mouth was "Don't worry, I can & will help you." He truly bent over backwards; going past above & beyond. GOD guided me to Noel, He'll support you 100% It's his nature. Thank You!
Joanna G from
Reviewed for Noel Cookman on Nov-07-2018
It was a pleasure working with Noel!!
Alejandra D from Euless, Texas
Reviewed for Noel Cookman on Oct-22-2018
The process was quite smooth and there was a hiccup on the title that Noel handled quickly and closed the loan early!
Howard J from Garland, Texas
Reviewed for Noel Cookman on Oct-20-2018
Noel and his team were superb I highly recommend him to anyone.. Thanks again Noel
Reuben G from Fort Worth, Texas
Reviewed for Noel Cookman on Oct-08-2018
The mortgage experience was easy from start to finish. The team worked together and got me through underwriting for a quick close. This was important to me and my wife as the house we purchased was in an area where few homes are available. I highly recommend MiMutual.
Neal B from Garland, Texas
Reviewed for Noel Hardy Cookman on Apr-12-2016
Andy was always available when I needed him. He always researched the information and got back to me the same day.
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